High Gloss Large Laminate Kitchen With Island OP19-HPL03

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High-Gloss-Large-Laminate-Kitchen-With-Island-OP19-HPL03 (2)

The design makes handleless doors easy to open ensuring a clean run of units and a simple style that will always be on-trend. OPPEIN also adds a touch of glamour with a glossy finish in the material of laminate, which is affordable in price. For the designer touch, pair with elegant appliances. With a large kitchen island, you and your family can have a suitable dinner and welcome friends and relatives to come and have a social party.

High-Gloss-Large-Laminate-Kitchen-With-Island-OP19-HPL03 (4)

High-Gloss-Large-Laminate-Kitchen-With-Island-OP19-HPL03 (3)


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