U Shape Mixture Kitchen Cabinet Laminate&Lacquer OP19-HPL02

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U-Shape-Mixture-Kitchen-Cabinet-Laminate&Lacquer-OP19-HPL02 (3)

In the latest kitchen cabinet design, the mixture of materials is popular nowadays. This kitchen cabinet is combined with lacquer and melamine door panels. Dark doors match with cool appliances, making the kitchen appears modern and tidy. The shelves in the middle are of a smart design that makes full use of the space. It can decorate the kitchen greatly by putting some art ware on the shelves. It is made of melamine material and its surface is flat and smooth, easy to clean, and there is plenty of color and pattern choice.

U-Shape-Mixture-Kitchen-Cabinet-Laminate&Lacquer-OP19-HPL02 (2)

U-Shape-Mixture-Kitchen-Cabinet-Laminate&Lacquer-OP19-HPL02 (4)


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