On June 16th, OPPEIN held a important business party at Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa of Ethiopia. OPPEIN senior leaders, our sales director Mr Sam and regional managers of Africa market Kevin & Allen were all presented in this meeting. It is very pleasure to invite about 70 clients to attend it. Most of them were local real estate developers, builders, contractors or building designers.
01Recommendation Conference Held by OPPEIN
02 Recommendation Conference Held by OPPEIN

We played introduction video at scene, then distributed one-stop product catalogues to attendees.



OPPEIN sales director Mr Sam made a first speech at the inauguration ceremony, and we invited our important project partner in Ethiopia, General Manager – Esmay to give his speak in conference.

Then Kevin did a presentation about OPPEIN company. After that, the meeting was to the part of Question & Answer. Attendees were active to ask some question about products and company. The conference went on very well, we took photos with each other and have a good free communication. We presented umbrella to attendees as gifts cause it was raining recently.

Conference Process:



Why OPPEIN is so popular in Ethiopia?

With the rapid development of economy & commerce in Ethiopia, there were more and more buildings and houses under construction.
OPPEIN in Ethiopia

OPPEIN full house solution which includes providing custom kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and living room furnishing, our integrated and abundant product line just to satisfy Ethiopia local clients’ requirements and needs. This is really attractive for Ethiopia people. They needn’t any more to shop furniture from one store to another, which make them exhausted, waste time and money. OPPEIN one-stop products let the furnishing match rooms well, consistent style of design, considerate space for storage, less money to spend.

OPPEIN Full House Solution Case (kitchen, wardrobe, bath cabinet, door)



What’s more, OPPEIN one-stop service make your project easier. Without worrying how to design it, or how expensive the design fee is, OPPEIN owns a very professional designer team, which will give support to clients to design their project with using KD Max software. Then the furniture will be custom produced after confirming.


Be anxious for how to transport to home or installation? OPPEIN has done thousands of projects abroad for nearly 20 years. We commit to delivery products door to door in good condition. And will give installation support if needed.

OPPEIN makes a good reputation in Ethiopia because of above advantages, many clients recommended other people to buy oppein products. And 90% of Ethiopia people will choose to purchase things from China, as well as in furniture industry, OPPEIN is the largest cabinetry manufacturer in China and Asia, we give better price with more choices of products range.

OPPEIN Service in Summary:
1. Provide interior design
2. Friendly Price
3. On-site Measurement & installation
4. Door to door delivery
5. Good quality products

Thanks a lot for all Ethiopia clients’ support, OPPEIN hope to be your best project partner and have a long-standing business relationship with you.

OPPEIN’s next step in Ethiopia is to set up office there and build showroom, supply more support to local projects. So please feel free to contact us, welcome to join OPPEIN in Ethiopia, welcome to be our authorized franchiser, welcome to use our products!

OPPEIN Took Photos with Clients in Ethiopia
OPPEIN Took Photos with Clients in Ethiopia

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