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Project Management

Oppein has built a dedicated and knowledgeable team of Project Management (P.M.), which could help to combine and optimize the existing assets to effectively finish the project and achieve goal expectations. Project Management consists of three key elements: Time, Quality and Cost. We understand that only when we can balance these three elements could our project obtains the desired outcome.

Oppein P.M. Dept. has the authority to strategize, implement and monitor all aspects of the project from the very start, and pays close attention to cost budget, sampling process, quality control, delivery and installation, local support to ensure the project can be accomplished as the timeframe, budget and to the required quality.

Budget Control
1. According to the features of the project and the estimate of local market conditions, as well as our abundant local experience, we can help customers to set a scientific cost budget.

2. We can help to design a project solution, which varies depending on the quality, cost and guaranteed lead time.

3. In order to reduce the cost of communication, we will appoint one experienced project manager to follow the project from the start to the finish.

On-site Measurement

Precise measurement is the basis and precondition for product drawing and a successful cabinet installation. Our knowledgeable engineers will come to the job site to measure and design the best solution for customers if needed, which can help to ensure everything in your project aligned properly.

Project Design Solution

Professional designer team

Our designers are arranged with specific duties, which could give customers prompt response, find out the best project solution and calculate the final project quotation.

Material Recommendation

We can provide an extensive selection of styles, materials and finishing options, as well as offering expertise for every level of customers. Our capable designers are always ready if you need any requirements.

Quality Control

Oppein receives ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications on its quality and environmental management systems from National Standards Authority of China. Additionally, Oppein has been accredited on many internationally famous certificates, such as CARB and FSC.

In accordance with standards of ISO9001 and ISO14001, we strictly supervise manufacturing process and products quality to ensure that our cabinets are eco-friendly. Except the authorities’ strict quality control, Oppein also has a specialized QC team to guarantee that every cabinet from Oppein meets customers’ needs.

Guaranteed Lead Time

Lead time, the time span from the moment placing an order to the moment it is ready for delivery, plays an important role in lean manufacturing. We believe all time is non-trivial, so in order to guarantee our lead time and improve efficiency, Oppein chooses ERP system to handle enormous resources of cabinets and relevant accessories orderly.

Except backed up by professional ERP system, Oppein also has a qualified team that can give accurate calculation of the delivery time, and arrange the most appropriate production process to guarantee lead time, which can ensure customers get products on time and reduce cost of labor at the same time.

After-sales Service


1.Detailed installation instruction, installation design drawings, and installation videos.

2. Jobsite installation, Our engineers will come to the jobsite for the technical supporting.

Local Support

1.We have local offices in Australia, Philippines, India and Kenya.

2.We have more than 90 overseas dealers all around the world, who can promptly provide solutions to your issues and questions.

3.Our regional managers have business trips to their regional countries every month, and provide professional support and services.