OP16-L18:Modern White and Gray Matte Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet

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The kitchen has clearly become the most important room in the home, so the design focus is on lifestyle and enjoyment. Yes, the space is about cooking but it is also about atmosphere, socializing, and beautiful, functional design.

Product Description



Open Kitchen Layout – The lines are being blurred between the kitchen and living space as larger multi-purpose rooms are being created. Combining the kitchen and lounge areas result in a fluid transition between the spaces.


Matte Finishes  – The muted cool greige tones which is surprisingly clean and interesting. This kind of kitchen seems modern and sleek.


Appliance Integration – By using a countertop that can withstand the heat, this island worktop is able to integrate the stovetop directly into the counter without using a base, creating an overall kitchen design that is streamlined and sleek.


Hidden Lighting – A little concealed illumination can work wonders for your interior. Great for highlighting work areas and creating an intimate glow, hidden lighting fixtures are a stylish way to add drama to any scheme.


Open Shelving – This kitchen incorporates some kind of open shelving. This makes the kitchen feel like more of a dressed room than ever before and not just a functional space. Seeing as it’s the heart of most homes these days, this makes absolute sense!


Sleek and Slim – Here, the sleek, contemporary line created by the slim countertop is enhanced by the integrated sink. The kitchen has a strong linear appeal, and this is mirrored in the geometric shape of the tap. Integrated handles keep the door panels smooth and clean.


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