OP16-L19: Modern High Gloss Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet

It is a gloss lacquered handle-free kitchen.  Black framed glass doors create mysterious atmosphere. Adding a breakfast bar introduces a warm contrast to the slim quartz worktop.




Eye-catching Showcase – Combine wood grain carcase with black framed glasses, the cabinets appear fashionable. It is very eye-catching with illumination of the lighting, and convenient for you to take things from it.


Slim, Yet Strong – The countertop is just 20mm thick, giving the impression that it floats above the units beneath. But make no mistake, it’s strong enough to support all your heaviest pans and stand up to a lifetime’s use.


Lighting – The open wood grain shelves with integrated LED lighting above accentuating the  objects on it. It also ensures optimal working conditions.


Good Connection – The lower base cabinet make the kitchen transit to dinning room Naturally


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