Africa Element Decor Lacquer and Melamine House Furniture

Product Code: OP17-villa01

OPPEIN custom full house furniture for Kenya villa clients: kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom, door etc.

Product Description



Amazing grain, natural color – that is why designer chooses high gloss ebony veneer as this kitchen material.

The kitchen evokes the beauty of wood grain, it offers consistent color, beautiful grain pattern and ability to

hold a stain and polish.

Marvelous-Exotic-Inspired-Home-Decor-OP17-Villa01-01 Marvelous-Exotic-Inspired-Home-Decor-OP17-Villa01-01-kitchen2

Living Room

This living room really reflects a good sense of how exotic elements can be smoothly incorporated into a modern

setting. Details such as animal prints,retro leather sofa and antler shaped pendant light emphasize the splendor

of this exotic style living room.

Marvelous-Exotic-Inspired-Home-Decor-OP17-Villa01-02-living-room-1 Marvelous-Exotic-Inspired-Home-Decor-OP17-Villa01-02-living-room-2

Dining Room

Table and two sideboards in the dining room use the same wood grain material. It is highly functional in form

in addition to having a graceful, simple appearance. Ethnic pieces like straw weavings on the wall add so much

interest to the dining room.

Marvelous-Exotic-Inspired-Home-Decor-OP17-Villa01-03-Dining-room-1 Marvelous-Exotic-Inspired-Home-Decor-OP17-Villa01-03-Dining-room-2

Master Bedroom Suite

Marvelous-Exotic-Inspired-Home-Decor-OP17-Villa01-04-Master-Bedroom-Suite-1 Marvelous-Exotic-Inspired-Home-Decor-OP17-Villa01-04-Master-Bedroom-Suite-2

As designer adds animal prints from exotic regions, it instantly transports design aesthetic to another world.

Zebra, cheetah, and leopard prints have enchanting patterns and add a natual feel to your bedroom.


In this irregular bathroom, a walk-in shower was placed in the corner to conserve space needed for the toilet

and bathroom vanity. It is clever to get more storage by setting a cabinet in the corner.

Other Bedroom Suites

Marvelous-Exotic-Inspired-Home-Decor-OP17-Villa01-05-other-bedroom-suites-1 Marvelous-Exotic-Inspired-Home-Decor-OP17-Villa01-05-other-bedroom-suites-2

Make the guest room a relaxing place to be. Two beds in a room make it possible for individuals who aren’t a

couple to share a space. The original rustic wood grain of wardrobe creates an antique effect. Antelope wall

hangings is very unique as antelope is regarded as a perfect animal in some region, like Africa.

Marvelous-Exotic-Inspired-Home-Decor-OP17-Villa01-05-other-bedroom-suites-3 Marvelous-Exotic-Inspired-Home-Decor-OP17-Villa01-05-other-bedroom-suites-4 Marvelous-Exotic-Inspired-Home-Decor-OP17-Villa01-05-other-bedroom-suites-5


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