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Humanized Design Two Storey Villa Home Furniture Set

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This big house has 6 bedrooms and 2 kitchens.

Product Description

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom-1

Where will be your first station at the very beginning of the day? Not your kitchen or living room.It should be

your bedroom, where you slept last night.

Master bedroom-2

Closet For Lady

Master bedroom hers-2

Dressing table is next to the window, attracting more natural light to help you to make up yourself.

Master bedroom hers-1

Closet For Gentleman

Master bedroom his-1

Pay attention to the man side, on the right corner, there`s a spinner rack to hang shirts and trousers. Let

your clothes spin together in weekdays

Master bedroom his-2

Master bedroom bath

All the cabinets here are applied white lacquer, makes the surrounding space look brighter. The wardrobe is

a humanistic design for shower. You can easily reach your sleepwear after shower.




The most attracting part in this kitchen is the island. Though the stove is settled on the island, yet it`s very

ingenious to add a lifting range hood, which is more effective to sunk fumes, and keep the ceiling more clean.



On the other side, the extra seating makes the island become a good breakfast nook


Living Room & Dinning Room

living area2-2

The dining room is connected with living room, opposite to the kitchen. It forms a leisure area for families or

friends. See the bar-top? Easy for you to take out a wine from the large wine cabinets.

dining area-1living area1-1 family area

Bedroom For Daughter

bedroom zeeta-2

Our designer get the inspiration from candy color to create a daughter room. Especially the candy purple,

it not only expresses the elegance and romance, but also adds some cute elements in the room.

bedroom zeeta-4

Here, you can feel the charming from lacquer. The candy purple door panels on dressing table and cabinets

beside are soft and gloss. Turn to the left, 2 big mirrors on the wardrobe doors are very convenient for the

pretty girl to dress up.

bedroom zeeta-3 bedroom zeeta-5 bedroom zeeta-1

bedroom zeeta bath

Bedroom For Elder Son

bedroom ZIDANE-2

The elder son is a mature guy, so on colors, our designer choose grey and brown.

bedroom ZIDANE-1 bedroom ZIDANE-3 bedroom ZIDANE-4 bedroom ZIDANE-5

bedroom ZIDANE-BATH-1 bedroom ZIDANE-BATH-2

Bedroom For Youngest Son

bedroom ZAIDE-4

On the entire design, this room is similar to the room of elder son. Except for the color, may be you will focus

on the little yellow floor lamp. Turn on the lamp, light up the room as well as deliver an energetic atmosphere.

bedroom ZAIDE-3 bedroom ZAIDE-1bedroom ZAIDE-2

bedroom ZAIDE-BATH-2 bedroom ZAIDE-BATH-1

Home Office


Servant Area



The kitchenette is small, and the white lacquer on cabinets can extend the space in visual illusion. Moreover,

black and white are always suitable combination.



boys rm 1 boys rm 2


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