Modern Wood Grain PVC Villa Furniture Design

Product Code: OP15-Villa02

This house is so big with 3 floors, here displays some rooms of the house.




The combination of wood grain & pure white is so stylish that it can show out nature & modern at the same

time. Moreover, it seems that you can smell woody from dark wood.

厨柜(2) 厨柜(3)

Closet & Bathroom


This is a magical room. Once the tired one comes in, the energetic one comes out. Why? Because you could

enjoy a nice spa in this good view, and then make up yourself in this big closet.

卫浴12(1) 卫浴12(2)衣柜11(3)

Wardrobe in Bedroom 1


The sliding-door wardrobe with four doors is convenient for you to reach anything in this big area. See the

special lattice waist? No matter on the color or pattern, it matches with beige wood grain doors perfectly.

衣柜7(2) 衣柜7(3)

Wardrobe in Bedroom 2


The little hinged-door wardrobe is in maid room. Because of the limited space in maid room, so the little

functional wardrobe is suitable.

2 Bathrooms


The concrete wall has a deep impact to eyes, connecting with the tile wall. These 2 different textures make a

strong contrast.



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